Perkins Bass: Take A Slice of STEM Pi

What we implemented:

At Perkins Bass Elementary School, we implemented our first STEM Night to focus on the Essential Elements of Values, Communication, and Collaboration and Planning. This event took place on March 14th which is Pi Day. The event allowed parents and students to see the connection of technology, math, and science.
After completing this event we recognized the need to reorganize our science and math committees into a single STEM committee. This has allowed for more collaboration between teachers and students. The spark of integrating science throughout the building has spread across the school community.


One lesson learned:

This year has been a learning experience as we expanded the role and redesigned our math and science committee. We had to make sure that we had a clear goal for the staff and students. In addition, we had to remember that learning is FUN! The true lesson is that we must remember that we are creating innovators to think and must allow them the opportunity to create, redesign, or just start over.