Cook Day of Code with FreeWheel

This May we were so fortunate to be able to jump on an amazing partnership with FreeWheel, a tech company with offices in Chicago (among other cities nationwide) to host a Day of Code at our school. Volunteers came out to work in each classroom, from pre-K to eighth grade, guiding our students in coding and web design activities. We even were treated to a speech by the company’s CEO! Students were able to participate in hands on coding experiences that were exciting and engaging at every level. Despite minor bumps in the road, we know this day was a rousing success! Students were eager to continue their coding work right up until the last day of school. Students and parents were eager to know when Cook’s next Day of Code would be!

The preparation and work done to make this day such a success was the amazing distributed leadership of Cook’s MSI Leadership Team. The team facilitated the background preparation for every classroom teacher to select a coding activity specifically for their own room. We learned a great lesson in being able to rely on each other for support and achievement in getting this amazing day done. Team Cook is a force to be reckoned with!