Encourage Curiosity with Wonderopolis

Wonderopolis is a free website for nonfiction articles related to several disciplines. The beauty of the site is that many of the articles are based off of student-submitted “wonderings.”

Students can search a term or a question and they are provided with several article options to choose from. If they find the one to answer their question, the will discover that the article provides key vocabulary and definitions, related and engaging short videos, a student-friendly article, comprehension questions and puzzles!

Students who can’t quite find the answer to their query are invited to submit their own question which most find very exciting and validating.

I use this website frequently with my third graders and they thoroughly enjoy visiting the site. The resource is great for my English Learners and many of my more inquisitive students will visit voluntarily when they find the extra time. The site has helped my students become more invested in their nonfiction reading and serves as a great model for their writing, as well.