Science For All!

At Jane Addams Elementary, we focused on the essential elements of Curriculum and Instruction and Collaboration and Planning. We saw the need for a stronger foundation in Science, especially in our primary grade levels. This year we decided to revise our time distribution and departmentalize grades 1st through 5th to ensure Science is being infused into the daily curriculum. This allows the dedicated time needed to build a stronger foundation in Science. The students are enthusiastic about learning. They are excited to experiment and learn about the world around them. We also redesigned our school’s Science scope and sequence to reflect a more enriched NGSS vertically aligned curriculum for grades K-8.

As we redesigned our scope and sequence, we learned how destitute our science kits and materials were in the primary grades. Teachers knew what they had to teach, but didn’t have the resources needed to do so. That is why this year we are focusing on the essential elements of Money and Partners to help us replenish our science kits. This way teachers will have access to the materials needed to carry out successful lessons in the classroom.