Shirley Hord Teacher Learning Award

The Shirley Hord Teacher Learning Team Award honors a team of teachers that demonstrates excellence in professional learning. This annual award recognizes...

Action Plans!

Derived from actual action plans implemented by our School Partners these are 5 high-quality action plan samples to guide your work. ...

NGSS Trimester Guide

At Lincoln Middle School we use a trimester guide to show what standards we will be teaching each trimester. This guide is unique to our building as we developed it ourselves. Every grade level...

Stop & STEM

"Stop & STEM" Day is being planned to initiate and begin National Chemistry Week by Barker's MSI Team (which will become our STEM Committee after our 3rd year of our MSI Partnership). October 21st...

The Museum of Science and Industry’s Science Leadership Initiative addresses the critical issue of student achievement and exposure to STEM by supporting science education on a whole-school level.


MSI’s Welcome to Science Initiative helps children achieve their full potential in science by improving the quality of science teaching in schools, connecting science to children wherever they are, and showcasing diversity in STEM fields. Our unique approach engages youth and all those essential to their success: teachers, schools, families and communities.


Encourage Curiosity with Wonderopolis

Wonderopolis is a free website for nonfiction articles related to several disciplines. The beauty of the site is that many of the articles are based off of student-submitted “wonderings.” Students can search a term or...

Makers Empire 3D

Makers Empire inspires students, empowers educators and supports schools as they embrace the learning potential of 3D design and printing.